About Us

This website is the home of in Arnediad od Arnor, a friendly kinship from Lord of the Rings Online, currently on the world (server) of Meneldor!

The name of our kinship means "The Countless of Arnor" in Sindarin (elvish). We are a Casual and Collaborative kinship created by a small group of friends interested in helping each other. Currently most of our members are focused on crafting, exploring and fellowship instances, but we welcome players interested in the development of any aspect of the gaming experience. All members of the kinship speak fluent english and most of us speak portuguese as well. We have a kinship house at the Shire Homesteads and we have our own ventrilo server.

Ventrilo is a very cool application used for real time conversation while playing an instance or skirmish, using a headset instead of typing, which is a whole lot of trouble. To download it please enter the software designer's page clicking here. Please configure it to access server arnor.clanvent.com (port 5946. The server's password is provided for kinship members only.

If you would like to get to know us better, please contact Moramarth, Viniboy, Beccalorien, Buzanovsky, Leoraposo, Tournesol or any other Kinship Officers in the Meneldor server!

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